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Make it special

When I first started hosting events in New York City, I fell in love with the concept of taking someone's idea and turning it into reality. The reality that makes someone smile ear to ear! To me that is magical. With all the resources the city has to offer, it was both easy and challenging to make the magic happen. That's when my love for searching and discovering came handy. That love of mine became even more handy when I had to deal with tiny budgets. This is when I started to trust my "unicorn" imagination during the planning process and my gut when it came to decisions. I wanted to make every client happy no matter what their budget was. So I started to focus on client's wants. Make it personable became my mantra. When preparing for events I catch myself constantly having my clients on my mind. Would Karen like this? I know Brian will appreciate this. Ahhhh, this will be perfect for Abbey! Spending some time with my clients and getting to know them happened to be the most important part of the event planning process. Anyone can throw a great party, but it takes a special person, a magician (if I may), to turn a great party into a memorable one for their client. Attention to details made me stand out in this craft. It is always the little details that guests remember...raspberries in champagne glasses, rose petals on the dessert table, notes for each guest at the table, music for ambiance, surprise party favors... It is already given that every event is special, so that's when it becomes my job to make it unique and memorable to the client(s) and their guests. That's when I get to sprinkle a little magic on someone's celebration, and that makes me smile ear to ear. 

Budget friendly is not a plus, it's a must

It is much easier to plan a Wedding or Holiday party or Baby Shower with a generous budget, even better with the unlimited one. But can it be done with a limited budget? Absolutely! The biggest portion of your budget will go towards venue rental and food and beverages (ladies, I am not talking about dress, hair and make up in this post; this post is about the party itself). The rest of expenses you can tweak to your liking and spending. You can avoid servers' cost by choosing buffet style for food. Yummy and cost effective. To avoid bartenders' charge, choose wine and beer bar. Classy and simple. To save a fortune on decor, decide on the theme and/or colors and begin your affair with Pinterest and Amazon Prime. If you are working with an event planner, express your vision to them and see how you can fit that vision into a less pricey a la carte option. When choosing an event planner, meet with them, spend some time with them to see if they would be a good fit for you and your wallet. Big name does not always mean best experience for you. Do you want a cookie cutter or personable experience? Ask yourself "Do I like this person or do I just like their name in the industry?" After all you will be communicating with your planner/coordinator on a regular basis. So choose this new relationship wisely. Yes, you will want best of the best for your special event, and you deserve it. But keep in mind that you probably will want wonderful memories of your event without having to remember to submit monthly payments to pay it off. Your special event does not have to cost you your first born. 

Let's have some fun

The sky is the limit when it comes to event planning. Even if you are not into planning or hosting, you should still have some fun with it. At the end of the day it is for you or your loved ones. We get it planning Sweet 16 for your "not so little" little girl can be tough. But just think how happy and special it will make her feel when she enters a venue that was decorated in her favorite colors and is filled with her favorite things and all her favorite people are gathered to celebrate her. Isn't it magical? You did it! She will look to you to thank you. This kind of magic makes us fall in love with what we do every single time. We love being behind the scenes, so that you get to be the center of attention. When it comes to planning special events and parties, we encourage you to not hold back when it comes to ideas. Let your event planner(s) worry about the budget and execution. Worrying about cost can be very stressful. That is why it is important to establish your event budget from the beginning and then just have fun with all the event options that are possible. Remember, everything is possible! 

Dream big or don't dream at all

It's your party, it's your dream, it is your way. Dream big. Do it the way you want it. Do not worry about "what if's". This applies to all events: Weddings, Bridal Showers, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Baby Showers, Birthday parties, Sweet 16 parties, Anniversaries, Holiday Dinners, Themed Parties and everything in between. If you want to host something, it means it is something special to you or you want people you love and appreciate feel special. So why would you not want to do it big and fabulous? Go big or go home or go big in your home! This does not mean spending your baby's college fund on a family reunion dinner. It just means you spend more time thinking of "little details", adding special touches to decor, tableware, menu options and maybe even the invitations. Maybe make it literally memorable by adding a Photo Booth station with polaroid camera (who doesn't like instant pictures?!) Maybe prepare mini "thank you" gifts for all guests (who doesn't like to be thought of?!) Maybe compose a menu with everyones favorite dish choices (I is always a crowd pleaser....the right food choices will make you the winner). And remember, you can always hire a professional lover of event planning to do all of this for you. 

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